Grown in the fertile soil of the Arkansas River Valley in southeastern Colorado, Pueblo Chile is a unique variety of pepper that packs a punch of flavor and heat.

Where to Find Pueblo Chile

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What's Different About Pueblo Chile

The Pueblo Chile is a spicy gem that exclusively grows in the plains of eastern Pueblo, Colorado, and has become a local legend! Known for its unique flavor and heat, this chile is thicker and spicier making it ideal for roasting. The Pueblo Chile thrives in the region’s hot, dry climate, making it a must-try for any spice enthusiast. Each September, the Pueblo celebrates harvest season with the Pueblo Chile & Frijoles Festival, drawing food lovers from all over to savor its fiery goodness. Whether you’re enjoying it in a classic chile relleno or a zesty salsa, the Pueblo Chile is sure to add a delicious kick to your culinary adventures!

Ideal for Roasting

Pueblo Chile is meatier and thicker making it ideal for roasting.

Mirasol Magic: The chile that faces the sun

Unlike many other peppers, the Pueblo Chile grows pointing up, towards the sun, instead of hanging down.

Keep it Spicy: Hotter than jalapeños

Hot, dry, sunny summer days, combined with rich soil and purse Colorado water yield some of the hottest and most flavorful chiles.

From Farm to Fridge

Growing season is July-October

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