Pueblo Chile License Plates

Jul 05, 2024

How can you purchase your Pueblo Chile License Plate?

1) My tags are due:

Order at your local clerk and recorder’s office where you would normally register your vehicle. Request the Pueblo Chile license plate, pay the one-time $50 fee, wait by the mailbox. OR order online at mydmv.colorado.gov and choose Renew A Vehicle Registration.

2) My tags aren’t up for renewal yet:

Order in person at your local Clerk & Recorders office where you would normally pay to renew. The cost is a one-time $50 fee. Your original renewal date will NOT change. You will receive your spicy replacement plate in the mail.

Your purchase will help the Pueblo Chile to be known as Colorado’s chile and support CO Agriculture and awareness. Your fee will also help fund the necessary repair work to CO roads to ensure Pueblo Chile can be delivered to every corner of our great state! Thank you for your support!